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You are offering your customers more than test modules, e.g. vehicle services of your workshop. Also these offerings need to be planned and registered.

The Vehicle Service Management of the PGMS provides the means to do so. It supports all business processes, which are related to the maintenance or repair of vehicles and the use of material. It allows administering the corresponding pricelists. Of cause a consistent documentation of the provided services for accounting purposes is also included.

Besides the management of test modules, spaces like offices, workshops or conference rooms the PGMS includes an application that enables your workshop staff to manage all kind of workshop services and corresponding questions like:

  • At which point in time has a specific service been given?
  • At which date and time will the vehicle be available to provide a requested service?
  • Which service has been request by whom?
  • What is the hourly rate for e.g. a mechanic or an electrician?
  • What is the price to be paid for used oil or a gasket ring?

The corresponding documentation including used tools completes the Vehicle Service Management. There are not always administration related questions answered but also safety related questions as shown by the following example:

  • Am I able to identify and inform a customer about a repair service that has been provided to his vehicle using a wrongly calibrated tool?