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Telematics Solutions
for municipal special fleets

The tool for planners, dispatchers,
and drivers in municipal,
private operations in the field of city cleaning.

Telematics solutions for special fleets Disposal, Clearing, Cleaning

Existing operational plans can be easily transferred to the system to flexibly execute operations, while taking into account current situations, urgency, and available resources. Your control center receives all important information in real time, allowing to react flexibly to any changes, even during ongoing operations. In this context Digitization means enabling teamwork to ensure simplified workflows to enable greater flexibility and thus higher quality.


The system automatically transfers all deployment data (e.g., clearing and gritting data for winter road maintenance) that needs to be documented for use in court. This allows your driver to concentrate fully on (road) safety.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic tour- and route planning
  • Reliable task fulfillment and satisfied customers
  • Clear mapping of all important events
  • Precise evidence through time and location accurate documentation
  • Easy integration into your process and system environment
  • Flexible reaction to changes - for all employees
  • Multi-client capability
  • Data protection, also with respect to your companies’ operation and service agreement
  • User-friendly system

The tool for planners, dispatchers, and drivers in public service companies (e.g. city cleaning) and for private special fleet operators

One system - many solutions mm-lab simplifies complex work processes.

With mm-lab's telematics solutions, you integrate our solution with intelligent interfaces into your existing work environment. The system is set-up and tailored according to your specifications and integrated directly into your workflow. With previously defined rules, we support our customers in efficiently carrying out their planning, distributing their information to the appropriate departments and complying with legal requirements. The user always keeps an eye on administrative tasks, various planning tasks and the current status, while focusing on his core activities. During planning our system provides alternatives to choose from and allows manual post-processing.


Sytem overview & features



Depending on tour- and geographical knowledge of the driver, the route guidance can be chosen strictly or freely. Navigation is therefore not only based on the respective vehicle type but rather also on the respective skills and experience of a driver. The most recent task and process data are always displayed on the mobile device. This is indispensable especially for the collaborative processing of a tour via teamwork. It is important to keep an eye on the essentials. Only those aspects that are relevant in a particular situation are easily readable displayed to the operators while doing their jobs, thus enabling a particularly high degree of flexibility in everyday work. Because unexpected things often happen. With mm-lab, drivers themselves can also make necessary changes to the tasking order or adapt the tour according to today's changes and requirements. The new task distribution is then immediately updated to the entire team and accordingly our teamwork feature syncs this directly to the navigation display.


The merging of remaining tasks of individual team members into a common remaining tour can also be easily implemented during the execution of those tours.

All data is prepared easily accessible for humans (e.g., street names and house numbers instead of geo-coordinates) and made available for automatic documentation in pre-defined reports. Thanks to the secured transmission and persistent storage of your data, our solution ensures unparalleled reliability.

And there's a bonus: to ensure that your location/time-based rules are adhered to in any case, deviations and violations are signaled in due time. Initially only the driver but, in the event of a persistent violation, the dispatcher is notified as well. In this way you enable your drivers to comply to specific regulations - without any monitoring!

System overview Your solution - flexibly adaptable. According to your needs with individual functions.

Tour guidance
Data security
Driver support
Alarm function
Additional functions
Customer requirements

smart KOMPAKT Telematics solution as a compact package

With our new smart KOMPAKT product line, we offer you products that are available on short notice and enable an inexpensive entry into the digitalization of municipal services, e.g., in city cleaning. smart KOMPAKT is targeted at both municipal and private service providers and supports your employees with clear and automatic features, from planning to documentation of the individual work steps. All product packages are preconfigured and delivered ready for easy installation. All software and hardware components, including wireless sensor technology for easy implementation on the vehicle, are bundled into one compact package.


The core of these packages lies in the essential tasks that must be carried out by all service operators. Numerous expansion options allow you to adapt your products step-by-step to your requirements. Planners, dispatchers, and drivers benefit from the products and can concentrate on their core activities.

Learn more about our smart KOMPAKT product line and contact us for consultation now.

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Sewer Inlets

Auto-completed inventory during emptying of sewer inlets



Automatically generated history for every cleaning object.


Winter road maintenance

Automatically generated documentation of court-proof gritting book


Urban plant irrigation

Automatically calculates and controls the amount of watering required.


Training in the field of municipal telematics solutions

Telematics systems from mm-lab GmbH considerably increase the effectiveness of your service companies. But this requires know-how off the features and innovations of our system solution and their correct application. Especially with seasonally adaptable solutions, such as systems in winter road maintenance or street cleaning, users focus specifically on the requirements of the respective season. In the meantime, individual system features of the next seasonal application are sometimes forgotten.

With our training courses, we offer a training program for each of your areas, that allows you to refresh your knowledge in small, practice-oriented work groups. Afterwards, you will be able to fully exploit the potential of your solution again. You will receive tips and tricks on the application, maintenance, troubleshooting and care of your system. In addition, we highlight new developments in your industry, and we show you which features are useful for your future daily tasks. With our training courses, we make you fit for your telematics applications in waste disposal, winter services and city cleaning. With our courses we offer training that provides every user with the appropriate know-how at any time. Even if you want an individual training for your specific topics, we will be happy to work out an offer tailored to your specific needs.

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