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Collision Awareness System CAVE!

Advanced safety for your proving ground

Safety is paramount!

Collision Awareness System CAVE! Improves safety at the Proving Ground

How dangerous it can be to drive on the proving grounds of the automotive industry is shown again and again by serious accidents on the test tracks. But these could often be prevented. Our collision awareness system CAVE! significantly improves safety on proving grounds and helps to avoid collisions

Our telematics solutions have been used for years to avoid accidents on test tracks. As a partner of well-known proving ground operators, our solution ensures more safety for everyone involved.

Together with our proving ground management system PGMS, CAVE! provides an integrated end-to-end solution for proving ground management from a safety-relevant point of view.

CAVE! warns of collisions by:

  • Display of the current situation on the basis of highly precise GNSS data
  • Specific image of vehicle movements
  • Continuous determination of vehicle distances
  • Warning messages with precise detection of the lanes and of vehicle manoeuvers
  • Configurable warning levels according to adjustable parameters such as speed and distance
  • Audiovisual warnings and alarms for the drivers concerned with different signal levels depending on the severity
  • Immediate notification of the control center in the event of safety-critical events

With the help of high-precision telematics, the system warns the test drivers early on about a collision via an on-board unit. It minimizes the risk of the driver when distracted or tired and gives him a clear picture of the current situation even in poor visibility. Using its own position and that of other vehicles on the test track, the system calculates the respective distance from one another and provides an accurate picture of the vehicle movements. 

Due to the exact mapping of the lanes and the analysis of vehicle maneuvers, the system solution offers an extraordinarily high level of reliability. Dangerous situations caused by approaching vehicles or objects outside the driver's field of vision are shown in a quick and easy recognizable way. If there is a dangerous approach between two or more vehicles, the system sends audiovisual warning messages to the drivers concerned in good time. In this way, dangerous situations can be avoided, e.g. by changing lanes.


What are the benefits?

  • CAVE! supports the driver in avoiding collisions
  • CAVE! helps with limited visibility, tiredness, distraction, ...
  • CAVE! significantly improves driver awareness
  • CAVE! warns the driver only when a danger is detected
  • CAVE! offers fully configurable warning levels (speed, distance, ...) on each test module

CAVE! - How does it work?

  • Highly precise vehicle positioning with lane detection and vehicle maneuver prediction, which enables very low false alarm rates
  • Real-time situation analysis based on precisely captured reality
  • Audiovisual warning and alerting of the driver depending on the severity
  • Automatic quality monitoring recognizes when CAVE! does not work with the necessary precision

How do CAVE! and PGMS fit together?

  • CAVE! can be integrated like any other PGMS application
  • CAVE! extends the PGMS safety functions with an effective collision warning
  • CAVE! is managed and monitored as an integral part of PGMS
  • CAVE! can also be operated stand-alone as an entry into a more comprehensive PGMS solution

Innovation Award 2018

CAVE! received recognition from the state of Baden-Württemberg for exemplary performance as part of the award of the innovation prize.

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