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  • Municipal Telematics
    Municipal Telematics

    Solution for special vehicles ... waste management fleets ... municipal fleets ... homogeneous solution for fleets of different types of vehicles ... integration of other mobile devices ... optimized integration into existing business processes

  • Proving Ground Management

    High standards of security, confidentiality and smooth operation ... mm-lab established the necessary processes by means of the Proving Ground Management System

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  • Waste Management
    Waste Management

    You are the professional in waste management. We are professionals in the support of professionals. See for yourself!

  • Winter Service

    Have you already cleared and gritted today? Where? Where is it still needed? Winter service with mm-lab: Planned, guided, completed and documented automatically!

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  • Street Cleaning

    We like whirling up dust with our solutions! Street cleaning with mm-lab: planned, guided, completed, documented and invoiced. Ready!

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  • CAVE! Collision Awareness

    receives award from the state of BW:

    For CAVE! as part of the awarding of the Innovation Prize 2018, mm-lab receives the recognition of the state of Baden-Württemberg for exemplary achievements.

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Breaking News Announcement

PGMS: Initial operation in Aldenhoven
Kornwestheim, 08/2020.
The fact that smaller proving grounds also benefit from our proving ground management system (PGMS) is demonstrated by the installation on the proving ground of ATC - Aldenhoven Testing Center, one of the most advanced proving grounds in the world. Despite the current situation with COVID-19-related restrictions, mm-lab was able to bring a system into operation in a short time that completely meets the customer's requirements. Aldenhoven Testing Center decided to digitally integrate all work processes in the PGMS and to include the functions "online booking", "usage recording" and "billing". Read more here...