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Quality is indispensable

mm-lab GmbH works for its customers (system houses, car manufacturers and suppliers, waste management companies and municipalities) in areas with a very high demand on quality. This applies in particular, where our achievements substantially contribute to the success of an overall project or to the supply of additional security, particularly in the automotive field. 

Our requirements in terms of the expected quality in the above mentioned fields apply to the end to end solutions offered by mm-lab just like for services furnished by mm-lab.

Quality is produced, noticed and judged by humans. For this reason the quality policy of mm-lab GmbH pays particular attention to these people involved.

Customer satisfaction by quality


We regard as decisive for a high satisfaction of our customers both the demanded quality of our products and services as well as the quality of mm-lab’s performance concerning problem-specific know how, knowledge of the requirements, the necessary expertise and capabilities. Additionally we consider the relationship between the expectations created by us and the required achievement the same as between this achievement and the agreed upon price.

Quality by satisfaction of the employees

For mm-lab GmbH the satisfaction of its employees is a crucial factor with regards to generation and safeguarding of quality. Therefore mm-lab gives high importance to providing a motivating working environment, dedicated training and comprehensive information to the employees. It is the goal to give them all means and information to hand which make high-quality working results possible.

Processes generating quality

Well communicated processes which are carried out orderly by the staff involved, generate customer’s confidence as well as employee’s confidence in the performance and competency of mm-lab. These processes serve the generation of quality, holding the quality standards reached according to ISO 9001:2015 as well as their constant improvement. They form the basis of a coordinated cooperation and describe the different work flows and their interdependencies. Processes are not an end in itself. They are subject to a constant observation by the employees and the management of mm-lab. All involved parties commit themselves to improve the processes, to adapt or even to stop them depending on new conditions, should they inhibit increasing the quality.



mm-lab news

06.2017: mm-lab will equip Bosch’s automotive proving ground in Boxberg, Germany, with its Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) and Motorola’s LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld devices. The future-proof system integrates all proving ground management processes at Bosch for improving the safety and efficiency on the test tracks of the world’s largest supplier of automotive components.


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