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How come that it’s always the dispatchers and the drivers to communicate with each other? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to install cross-vehicle communication?



What if your Satnav would inform you also of your team members’ current position?

What if the members of a team could communicate with each other during daily business tours?

What if it would not be necessary anymore to check which team member is on tour before sending a message?

What if you could send messages by mouse click simultaneously to each team member concerned in a defined area or road cluster (town, depot…)?

What if messages could be separated into “man-to-man”(unstructured messages) and “man-to-machine” (automated orders)?

  • Your ERP system would be automatically informed about order completion, which then could initiate invoicing procedures
  • Your planning software could automatically give the alert, if there is still an order/a task outstanding , rendering unnecessary any time-consuming search efforts  
  • Software destined for the workshop could plan maintenance work without disturbing colleagues that handle operational tasks.

A really matching Telematic Solution reduces employees’ workload regarding routine activities.  Moreover it sets time free for really important tasks and unexpected contingencies.


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Our solutions for Stret Cleaning are designed to support, but not to monitor your team members.


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