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Our customer Daimler AG describes the cooperation as very good, characterized by high quality and commitment. That is exactly what distinguishes our customer projects. Because we flexibly adapt our systems to the requirements on the proving grounds, and our customers benefit from innovations such as the CAVE! collision awareness system. The mm-lab team quickly finds a good solution for every problem.


Here you'll find the success story of the Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) in Immendingen. Read now.



2021 04 Proving Ground Immendingen


Immendingen Test Center



Kornwestheim, 20th April 2021. For more than two years, the Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) of mm-lab GmbH, an important instrument for the operation of automotive proving grounds, is operated now at the Testing and Technology Center of Daimler AG in Immendingen. With the additional integration of a specially developed Collision Awareness System, which is based on the innovation CAVE!, the southern German IT company enormously increases driver safety. In terms of safety and efficiency, the system solution in Immendingen is developing into a showcase project for automotive proving grounds, which is even used for testing automated and electric vehicles and has long since become an indispensable component for the operation of the proving ground.


Meanwhile, new automotive innovations and mobility concepts of the southern German automobile manufacturer are being intensively tested at the proving ground in Immendingen. With the punctual completion of the PGMS, before the official opening of the Testing and Technology Center in September 2018, mm-lab handed over an important tool for an optimal use of the proving ground and for the management of the required resources to the operator. Since then, it has enabled the efficient implementation of work processes in the daily operation of the Testing and Technology Center and, at the same time, also enhances the driver’s safety at the proving ground.


Thereby it does not matter whether driver assistance systems, functions in e-mobility or even automated vehicles are tested. To achieve a particularly high level of driver safety, the Collision Awareness System, which is designed for special use at proving grounds, was integrated into the PGMS in Immendingen. It enables timely warnings of obstacles and dangerous situations, even if they are not in the driver's or vehicle on-board sensor's field of vision. This even applies to oval circuits where conventional systems fail. The special feature of the enhanced system in Immendingen is the warning of possible frontal, side and rear collisions, even at Vehicle Dynamics Areas (VDA) on which there are typically no predefined lanes. Drivers only need an On-Board Unit (OBU/mobile device) to be warned of potential dangers and to use the PGMS. CAVE! makes a significant contribution increasing the safety of test engineers.


The responsible manager for operation of the Testing and Technology Center is enthusiastic about the system solution. The expectations of the automotive group concerning the PGMS were even exceeded. Based on his previous experience with mm-lab, he is absolutely confident that the telematics experts from Kornwestheim will continue to be successful. He says that the system makes the proving ground much safer for drivers. It optimizes the operational process in Immendingen and it also integrates process-oriented applications as well as the internal applications for test sequence control that have long been established within the Daimler AG, so that they can be retained.




Kornwestheim, 13/03/2021


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Darmstadt, 2021/02/26. The annual conference "Bad Roads Well Built" held by the Institute for Road and Pavement Engineering at TU Darmstadt took place this year as an online event due to the coronavirus. Our proving ground expert Rainer Staron presented the topic "Traffic Control for Proving Grounds - Interaction between Traffic Control and Infrastructure" in front of about 140 connected participants. In his lecture he discussed future challenges in the construction and operation of proving grounds for the automotive and its supplier industry.

To enable the effectively interaction between the Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) with infrastructure systems such as barriers, variable traffic signs, weather stations, etc., framework conditions must be observed. This applies to existing infrastructure, but also to future systems that will not be planned until later. Based on his long-standing experience in managing a well-known proving ground, Rainer recommends taking future-proof precautions for the operation as early as the planning and construction phase.

His presentation is available on request.