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mm-lab equips Bosch Proving Ground with the latest technology!

Robert Bosch GmbH, the owner of the test center in Boxberg, where many of the tests for new products from Bosch are performed, has commissioned mm-lab GmbH to implement in this test center an integrated end-to-end management system. The test center offers its users a variety of facilities (test tracks, workshops, offices, etc.) and services for the conduct of test programs as well as the implementation of customer events.One focus of the new system, is the customer-friendly support of the business processes of this test center, which as a profit center also used by external customers. From web-based booking to registration at the reception desk, more efficient usage of the test tracks and on to billing the customers will be offered future services in an even more flexible way: they can perfectly focus just on carrying out their driving tests. PGMS-OBU-im-Testfahrzeug


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Kornwestheim, February 7th. 2012 – Another year has passed, living quality management. As a result the audit team of DQS GmbH answered the checkpoint: "The management system is effective and meets the requirements." with a simple "YES". mm-lab GmbH is therefore again ISO 9001:2008 certified for another year.



"Hands-on" training with responsibility

A first success of the cooperation between mm-lab and the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg (DHWB), is the bachelor's degree by Mr. Gellert. He faced questions by the Kornwestheimer newspaper giving insight into this still relatively new form of training. It is quite demanding on the students with lots of theory in university and practice at mm-lab plus credit points that need to be gathered. But it is precisely this symbiosis that is well received and hence Mr. Gellert received his Bachelor boasting in parallel 1.5 years of professional experience. For more information, please see the article in the Kornwestheimer newspaper (available in German only).


Where mm-lab's solution integration begins


mm-lab's solutions are not only integrated into the customer's infrastructure, but efficiently combine the best of what our partners have developed for logistics and Geoinformatics. Besides the use of on-board computers suitable for waste collection vehicles and off-the-shelf smart phones for normal fleet vehicles, also powerful software components come into play. Examples herefore are the PTV PTV xServers and PTV TruckNavigator, as described in the following press release by the company PTV.

You may find the success story of this waste management solution put into service for the company A.R.T. in Trier following the link on PTV's reference page Sauber: Integrierte Einsatzplanung für Entsorger  (available in German only).