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  mm-lab's Proving Ground Management System supports operation even at non-permanent proving grounds
Kornwestheim, 09/2020.

Since implementation of mm-lab’s Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) at Bosch‘s proving grounds worldwide mm-lab also provides technical support. Recently PGMS was comprehensively updated providing new features. In addition the automotive supplier prolonged the support contract for another 3 years.


PGMS improves safety and efficiency at Bosch’s automotive proving grounds. On peak days up to 200 vehicles are equipped with mm-lab’s On-Board Units (OBU). The OBUs succeeded as a fully adequate replacement for the formerly used radios. They ensure a reliable hands-free voice communication even at high speeds resulting in a significant higher safety for drivers.


PGMS offers many features to organize and manage processes at proving grounds. The system leads through all workflows relevant for operation. Booking of resources, access control and monitoring of vehicles are basic features of PGMS. An integrated web portal allows drivers to register and book in advance. Hence the administrative procedures on-site are speeded-up. The upgrade designed for Bosch augments the system with useful features as individual risk assessments, a web-based training and the management of driver qualification licences.