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Companies with outstanding achievements in the following 5 categories:

  1. overall development of the company,
  2. creation / safeguarding of jobs and training places,
  3. modernization and innovation,
  4. commitment to the region and proximity to the customer service and
  5. marketing

 have been invited to a certificate award by the head of the Oskar-Patzelt foundation Petra Hetzel.

mm-lab is proud to be one of the nominees!



How process-oriented telematics in waste management can be wisely used 

March 2014. In the March issue of the magazine Entsorga the usefulness of a telematics solution in waste management is analyzed . Is its use proven in practice? What distinguishes systems from each other? Does it pay to invest in tailored telematics?

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On 04.09.2013 mm-lab welcomed the Kornwestheim Mayor, Ursula Keck and two members of the Green Party in the Bundestag, Kerstin Andreae and Ingrid Hönlinger. We had the opportunity to show our focus on ecological issues by showing examples of projects from the field emission modeling and emissions-related tolls. Furthermore, we were able to present our solutions for municipal waste and winter services that contribute significantly to fuel savings to a positive ecological balance of our customers. That mm-lab  takes into account legally and technically the central issue of data protection already at start-up, left a deep impression among the visitors.

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pdf button Newsletter of the Business Developement Department of the City of Kornwestheim (German)



The professionals day, took place on the 16/09/2013 at the Salamander Building in Kornwestheim with the support of mm-lab GmbH.

Finance Minister Nils Schmid was convincingly demonstrated that it is a key issue for the management of mm-lab to promote and to integrate employees from Europe.

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 Meanwhile, more than ten percent of the workforce are Spanish colleagues, allocated with their skill to all areas of the company, from product development to quality assurance.