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We have collected extensive problem domain know how on the market areas of proving ground management and municipal waste disposal and road services, which we like to share with our customers:

  • Holistic consulting regarding operations, mobile assets, IT and communication infrastructure of automotive proving grounds and municipal service fleets
  • Market and business process analysis
  • Technology consulting, feasibility studies
  • Support for technology migration and digitalization projects
  • Project management, quality management, risk management
  • Information security

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mm-lab news

mm-lab GmbH, Kornwestheim, July 4th, 2018


Steffen Firchau, mm-lab´s Sales Manager for Proving Ground Management Systems (PGMS), rings the “Order-In Bell” for another mm-lab success in the proving ground market. Advanced safety functionality combined with mm-lab´s proven on-board units will bring major operational enhancements to a global Tier 1´s proving ground based in the People´s Republic of China. The project marks another mm-lab success in a continuous row of projects providing hundreds of On-Board Units with integrated IT and communication solutions for safe and efficient operations of proving grounds.