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Proving Ground Management

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Driving security on test tracks

Driving safety is a top priority when testing automobiles on test grounds. Vehicles are tested here under sometimes extreme conditions and speeds. With our Proving Ground Management System (PGMS) we offer a complete test field management system for test tracks and high-speed ovals. It adapts to the individual circumstances of each test site. It will be fully integrated into the existing infrastructure. Our collision warning system CAVE gives test facility operators additional safety on test tracks.

The connection of our Proving Ground Management System to your infrastructure depends on your wishes and processes. Easily assembled on-board units provide easy integration and connection to the central control center of the test tracks. The flexibility of our Proving Ground Management System results from its modular extensibility. The system solution consists of standardized components and individual extensions in various areas. The applications listed below show a representative selection of available applications from the various areas of a test site:

  • Trial registration and course booking
  • access control
  • reception
  • Surveillance of traffic safety
  • accounting
  • CAVE
The security with the end-to-end solution automatically remains in the foreground. Only after passing through all safety instructions, the driver gets access to the test area.


For more information, please refer to our PGMS brochure:


 Proving Ground Brochure
Find out now which advantages result from the use of our proving ground management system and how the expansion of our collision awareness system now also increases the safety on driving dynamics areas without lanes.
camera You want to be sure that everything on your test modules is in order? We'll show you how to use cameras for this purpose and control them from the operator console conveniently and precisely.

acs-new Based on the collected booking data the access to your test modules is controlled. Your customers can rely on you and on the Access Control Service of the PGMS.

cis Your customer shall have the opportunity to fully and accurately informed himself about his use of the test facilities. CIS offers this possibility in all flexibility.


The management of the profile data of your customer by the customer himself and by you or your colleagues is an essential aspect of your business. Also here data security is a crucial for you and therefore for the user management application of the PGMS as well.


You want to support your test vehicles also outside of the Proving Ground? We will show you the possibilities the PGMS offers.


Your customers are paying for your excellent services. Your team takes care of these services, also when it comes to billing. The invoices are comprehensible, transparent and available immediately due to the Accounting application of the PGMS.


You are offering your customers more than test modules, e.g. vehicle services of your workshop. Also these offerings need to be planned and registered.

reception Your customers want to spend their time on the test modules rather than at the reception desk. Your staff takes care of this using the reception system application of the PGMS.


From time to time the written form is necessary and sometimes even acknowledged by the recipient. Safety requires clarity, consistency and comprehensiveness – the Driver Messaging Service of the PGMS ensures this.


Your customers appreciate easy access to resources and services offered by you. Your staff have these demands in focus at all time – thanks to the booking system of the PGMS.


Safety requires communication. It enables voice connections between all parties on the proving ground. From announcements, individual communication or the communication within a defined (closed) user group – all of this is integrated into your PGMS.


cave With the CAVE collision warning system from mm-lab, test drivers can fully concentrate on their work as test engineers. Safety is absolutely paramount here. CAVE helps to significantly improve safety for test drivers and avoid collisions.


Your customers on the proving ground rely on you. They are able to do so since they are at all time well informed, about that what happens on the proving ground. And they know that you will apply the necessary measures derived from the information using the monitoring application of the PGMS. The result is an increased safety for the test execution.