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cave With the CAVE collision warning system from mm-lab, test drivers can fully concentrate on their work as test engineers. Safety is absolutely paramount here. CAVE helps to significantly improve safety for test drivers and avoid collisions.


Our collision warning system CAVE decisively improves the safety on proving ground and helps to avoid collisions.

Using high-precision telematics, the system warns test drivers early through an on-board unit in the event of an emerging danger of collision. It minimizes the driver's risk of distraction or fatigue and provides him with a clear picture of the current situation even in limited visibility conditions. Using its own position and that of other vehicles on the test track, the system calculates the respective distance to each other and provides an accurate image of the vehicle movements. By accurately mapping the lanes and analyzing vehicle maneuvers, the system solution offers exceptionally high reliability. Dangerous situations caused by approaching vehicles or by objects outside the driver's field of view are displayed quickly. If there is a dangerous rapprochement between two or more vehicles, the system will send audiovisual alerts in due time to the drivers concerned. This can avoid dangerous situations, e.g. by a lane change.

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