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Your customers appreciate easy access to resources and services offered by you. Your staff have these demands in focus at all time – thanks to the booking system of the PGMS.

To guarantee the safety on the proving ground all relevant information need to be collected early and completely. You as operator of the proving ground have the consolidated knowhow, which data is required and your customers are those who can provide the information.  To achieve this, the booking system is offered via the customer web portal to clarify the typical questions:

  • When shall the tests be executed?
  • Who will attend the tests and the accompanying procedures?
  • Which resources are requested like test modules, offices or workshops?
  • Are hazardous tests planned?
  • Which engine type is used by the test vehicle?
  • Are there any special requests to be prepared in advance, e.g. for a product presentation?

The application supports the booking manager to align the requests of the customer to the available resources to ensure an optimal planning including the preparation of corresponding safety measures. Following questions are checked or supported by the booking system:

  • Is the resource, e.g. office or workshop available during the requested timeframe?
  • Which confirmed test applications are impacted, in case the customer requests the exclusive use of a test module?
  • Can a test application be confirmed, in case small adaptations of the previously confirmed application are done, e.g. by swapping offices?

The application offers of cause the option to add new resources to the pool or to temporarily block existing resources, in case this is required (e.g. for exclusive usage or during refurbishments).