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reception Your customers want to spend their time on the test modules rather than at the reception desk. Your staff takes care of this using the reception system application of the PGMS.

The reception is the first place to go to for your customers. For the smooth processing of all requests the application supports the receptionist when it comes to the following questions:

  • Who is currently on the proving ground, starting with the application engineers, followed by their technical attendees and last but not least the present visitors and suppliers?
  • Is the arriving customer a driver and has he received driver safety training?
  • Is the access permission of the customer still valid or must it be prolonged?
  • To which of the proving ground has the customer access to?
  • Are there any shipments received for the customer?
  • Which material (e.g. keys, beamer) do I need to prepare and handout to the customer according to his test application?
  • Has the customer returned all handout material like OBU, fuel card undamaged?

But also during the visit of your customer, the reception is the linchpin for important information:

  • Has the desperately expected spare part arrived?
Has the expected colleague or visitor already been registered?