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Your customers are paying for your excellent services. Your team takes care of these services, also when it comes to billing. The invoices are comprehensible, transparent and available immediately due to the Accounting application of the PGMS.

A transparent and detailed invoice is an important aspect of customer satisfaction. The application offers an easy to follow calculation including detailed compilations of all used resources and services. The integration of the PGMS into your business processes does not make an exception when it comes to your ERP system.

For your accounting department the application provides the answers to the following questions:

  • Has the requested resource of a test application or service from the workshop been provided and can the service be accounted?
  • Who needs to provide additional information to create an invoice for the test application?
  • Can I register services which are out of scope of a typical usage of the proving ground facilities and services?
  • Can I grant a discount to single services?
  • Am I able to drop automatically registered accounting positions in case of customer complaints?

The fundamentals for the accurateness and transparency are clearly structured resources and related pricelists. The administrator will find answers to the required configuration possibilities of the application:

  • Can I manage resource, that shall not appear on an invoice?
  • Can I assign a price to each resource, e.g. to account differently furnished workshops?
  • Are there different pricelists for office, workshops, test modules and services?
  • Can I assign different tariffs like short term usage, standard usage and happy hour to the same test module?
  • Can I update a pricelist prior to the date it is coming into force?

Last but not least the application provides the means of sales statistics based on configurable parameters like month, resources and/or customers.