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The management of the profile data of your customer by the customer himself and by you or your colleagues is an essential aspect of your business. Also here data security is a crucial for you and therefore for the user management application of the PGMS as well.

The most important aspect for your business processes with respect to customer master data is the timeliness. Why not allow the update of the profile to the one concerned – your customer! Via the customer web portal of the PGMS you can offer your customer the right to update their own profile and thereby connect him to your business processes right from the start.

On one side the application enables the administrator to establish the customer relationship. The user management supports and automates the related business processes:

  • Who will achieve the status of a customer, so that access to the customer web portal is only granted to those to which you want to establish a business contact?
  • Can I manage the customer relationship on behalf of the customer and am I able to transfer the management at a later point in time to the customer himself?
  • Is it ensured, that registered users are assigned exactly to that customer to avoid problems during invoicing?
  • Can I revoke the access to the customer web portal at any point in time?
  • Am I able to view all access profiles while the customer can only view those of the users registered by him?

On the other side the application supports your customers on following questions:

  • Is the management of the access authorizations limited to one or a small number of authorized persons?
  • Is it possible to add, modify and delete the access authorizations?
  • Can each of the users with a valid access authorization modify only his own profile?