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acs-new Based on the collected booking data the access to your test modules is controlled. Your customers can rely on you and on the Access Control Service of the PGMS.

The Access Control Service allows you to manage the safety relevant parameters, which are evaluated to either grant or deny the access to the test modules. Independently from the behaviour of the test driver all access related information is registered.

The Access Control Service automatically supports the driver of a test vehicle in the application of important safety measures:

  • Am I allowed to access the test module area of the proving ground?
  • To which test modules do I have access?
  • What is the current occupancy of the test module?
  • Are there specific rules to be applied, while using the test module?

In addition the application supports the operator of the proving ground:

  • Are there more vehicles on a test module then currently allowed?
  • Am I informed when a driver enters a test module while not authorized?

Last but not least the application offers the proving ground administration the interface to define and adjust safety relevant parameters:

  • How many vehicles are allowed to use a test module in parallel?
  • What are the important safety messages shown to the test driver while entering or leaving the test module?