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Safety requires communication. It enables voice connections between all parties on the proving ground. From announcements, individual communication or the communication within a defined (closed) user group – all of this is integrated into your PGMS.


High flexibility is reflected first of all in the constantly actualized assignments of drivers to the defined user groups. From the moment a driver has logged on to the OBU, he will be identified by the mobile telephony service and added to all groups to which he belongs according to their definition.

The application enables the proving ground operator to communicate with all drivers but also with the colleagues. None of the following questions remain unanswered:

  • Am I able to make an announcement to all test drivers which are currently on the area of the test modules?
  • Can I limit the announcement to reach only the drivers that are testing on a specific test module?
  • Can I make an announcement to all drivers of a customer?
  • Can I reach all drivers that belong to a given test team?
  • Can I call a driver who has activated e.g. a speeding alarm?

Since communication is not a one-way road, the application also supports the drivers when raising following questions:

  • Can I call the operator to e.g. request the watering of the test module?
  • Can I call the receptionist to ask e.g. if an expected spare part has been delivered?
  • Is it possible to make an announcement to my test team without operators or other test drivers listening?
  • Can I make an announcement to all other drivers that are on the same test module as I’m driving on?

Finally the colleagues working at the reception desk are supported by the Mobile Telephony service, as they are in need of a customer oriented communication as well:

  • Can I call a driver to announce the arrival of one of his colleagues?
  • Can I ask a driver to call back, in case he was not able to answer my call?
  • Can I make an announcement to all drivers of a special event?

Some of the questions are related to defined groups. If these groups cannot be managed automatically, the PGMS provides the means to configure them via the User Management.