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From time to time the written form is necessary and sometimes even acknowledged by the recipient. Safety requires clarity, consistency and comprehensiveness – the Driver Messaging Service of the PGMS ensures this.

Not all messages need to be communicated orally. Text messages enable you to send information to the driver, adjusting the priority depending on the urgency and adding the request for confirmation if required.

The Driver Messaging Service enables your colleagues at the reception to positively answer typical upcoming questions like:

  • Am I able to send an expected customer a message which he will receive immediately after logon to the OBU?
  • Can I send a message to a predefined group of drivers, e.g. the participants of a driver safety training?
  • Will I be informed about the reception or the reading of a message?
  • Are important messages protected against deletion by the driver in case they are not read?
  • Am I able to use template messages to be sent to all drivers on the proving ground, e.g. to announce the upcoming closure of a test module?

The questions that may be raised by the drivers are located in the field of reception and response to the received messages:

  • Can I immediately identify the importance of a message?
  • Is there a simple method to acknowledge a message?
  • Can I read the message at a later point in time, e.g. while I’m evaluating test results?