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You want to support your test vehicles also outside of the Proving Ground? We will show you the possibilities the PGMS offers.

For the secure and repeatable execution of test scenarios outside of the proving ground the PGMS offers additional applications, which enable you to plan, execute and administer these test scenarios:

  • An application for the planning and management of test routes offer their graphical creation, the assignment of the test vehicle to the route and the navigation of the test driver along the planned route. Of course also the evaluation of the driven route including possible deviations is supported.
  • During the execution of the test scenario another application is available that guides the driver along the test scenario including all relevant information. The application safeguards you and your test driver, that all test steps are correctly executed to avoid costly extensions. In addition the application enables the reproduction of the test scenario completely independent from the test driver.
  • Another valuable addition is the Convoy Guidance Service. Using this application you will always have an eye on your test vehicles. In case one of them gets “lost”, the application is able to guide the “lost” vehicle back to the convoy while the other members of the convoy are kept informed. This enables the leader of the convoy to concentrate on leading and reduces waiting times and additional costs.

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